Tahoe & Emerald Bay

This past weekend, Allison, myself, and some friends took one last trip to Tahoe for snow and fun. Including a hike around the beautiful hidden gem »

Muir Woods Trails

The first motorcycle bound adventure of 2015 took Alli and I over the Golden Gate, along Highway 1, to Muir Woods for a short hike. Amazingly »

MiniCity Update: Isometric roads

Progress has been made over the past couple weeks, although not as much as I hoped. Partially procrastination, and partially being stuck on how to proceed »

Introducing MiniCity

Well, sort of. Call this an initial devblog of a new game I'm working on, ostensibly for the Procedural Game Jam, but also because city builders »

Hello, world

The urge to share my hobbies and passions has returned. I haven't written a blog in a long time, years perhaps. So here we are, with »